Hello! :)

My name is Mark. I'm a graphic designer and lettering artist from Toronto, Canada. I love letters of all kinds--lettering, calligraphy and typography. My work is built on years of experience. I've been mesmerized by lettering art for as long as I can remember and this fascination pushed me to try and learn different styles and mediums like sports logos, graffiti-inspired lettering, blackletter calligraphy and chalk lettering. 

Nowadays my work consists mainly of sports and city-inspired pieces but I've got experience with calligraphy (blackletter, copperplate) and typography (experimental, editorial).

I have years of experience in analog:

  • Chalkboard lettering
  • Painted mural (indoor and outdoor)
  • Pyrography

If you'd like to get in touch - please send me an e-mail to info@markserrano.ca.